Looking for a Job?

With unemployment affecting nearly 10 percent of the population, many people are struggling to establish their careers. While quality jobs are hard to come by, the public sector continues to offer stable and meaningful work for people of all education levels and skill sets. Whether you're just graduating school, seeking a change in your career or, like many in this economy, facing unemployment, we're here to help you learn more about the many job opportunities in the public sector.

About This Site

This free online guide has the information you need to find a job in the public sector. Learn more about the public sector and the opportunities within its various organizations, and find tips and resources for how to conduct your job search and apply to these jobs. Discover how to make a career in the public sector and enjoy a lifetime of secure, meaningful employment!

Why the Public Sector?

Work/Life Balance: A variety of part-time and full-time jobs are available through the public sector. The work hours are typically very fair and the majority of employees report that they feel very rewarded in their jobs.

Advancement: Most organizations within the public sector have multiple levels of staff and they try to promote from within, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for you to advance your career.

Personal Development: Organizations within the public sector recognize the need for continuous training and personal growth, which is why they encourage staff to develop personal and practical skills in the workplace.

Meaningful Work: Jobs in the public sector are focused on solving pressing public problems. Those who work in the public sector contribute to making a difference for the good of the entire population, and they get paid to do it!

Options: There are a wide range of careers within the public sector, such as nursing, teaching, engineering, law enforcement and armed forces. These jobs have multiple positions for people of all education levels and skill sets.